"You were a big help."   ~Joe H.

"I had the privilege of working very intensely with Eric on issues surrounding forgiveness and moving on from two long-term resentments. Eric provided a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore the places where deep wounds were trapped in my psyche and soul. With his guidance and special tools, I was able to release the burdens of those resentments and actually achieve a measure of compassion for the people I considered perpetrators of spiritual abuse. I am grateful beyond words for Eric's presence at a very challenging crossroad of my healing journey."    ~Kitty W.

My family had become physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted after a long and continuous stream of serious illness (and deaths) of many family members and close friends, particularly the life threatening mental illness of my son. Despite the many religious, spiritual, medical and mental health experts that we sought for help over the course of many years, my family continued to struggle. With Rev. Eric Gates, I had found the key resource my family needed. He addresses an integrated combination of mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of those in need...He is equally or even more critical in many cases than even the most skilled and respected doctors. The reason for my recognition of the value of these integrated healing resources is because of the phenomenal level of hope and healing my family experienced. I have the deepest gratitude for the life-saving, healing, strength building and hope restoring intervention by

Rev. Eric Gates with my family. 

~Mark M.

"Keep up the good work helping people

Spirituality Dude!"   ~Ryan Swope

                                     #19 Arizona Cardinals

Dr. William M. Loving, M.D.

"Eric Gates has been working with patients at Texas Star Recovery in Austin, Texas since 2011 as a spiritual advisor and recovery counselor. At this facility, we treat people who are alcohol and/or drug dependent and also treat those who have dual diagnoses, i.e. chemical dependency and psychiatric disorders. This includes difficult detoxifications, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, and an intensive outpatient program. 

Eric has worked in all of these doing groups, individual counseling, family therapy, and didactic presentations. He has been very effective in all of these areas, and I receive frequent positive feedback from patients about his work.

He is gifted in his ability to help our patients address their own spirituality, and how they can apply this to their recovery. He is a hard worker, empathic, and someone we can always count on. He deeply understands the disease of chemical dependency, and the ins and outs of recovery and sobriety."


*Dr. Loving is a board certified psychiatrist and is certified in addiction medicine by ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine). He is recently retired from serving as the medical director of Texas Star Recovery (inpatient and outpatient programs) and the Vista program in Austin, Texas. He has 30 years of experience in addiction and psychiatry.